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Having trouble on looking for musics

Having trouble on looking for musics

I changed my cellphone recently, from a J7 galaxy to a S8 galaxy and since then I've been facing trouble on searching for musics. 

Besides, sometimes music stops for no reason! 

Please, could someone help me?!! 







Samsung Galaxy 8

Operating System



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Same issue. Music just stops playing randomly and closes whatever playlist I was listening to. I have to completely close Spotify at that time to even play anything. Also can't search any besides top artist. Everything else is lost. If I search the exact song I am streaming from Spotify, it can't find it. Search the artist, cant find it. I can't really figure out how Spotify can go months at a time not fixing features and then expects me to pay full price for a service that doesn't fully function. 

Hey @tmsgalvao950.


Thanks for reaching out - we'll be glad to help you out with this 🙂


Can you be a bit more specific about the issue you are facing with searching for music on Spotify? 

  • What are you trying to search for exactly?
  • Are you searching via WiFi or 3G/4G?

It would be really useful to have a screenshot illustrating the issue. 


In any case, what might help would be to perform a clean reinstall of your mobile device, and to try logging out and back in again to your account.


Let us know how it goes!



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