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Heardle stopped working when you bought it

Heardle stopped working when you bought it







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My Question or Issue used to work and I played it every day. Now you bought it and it doesn't work in Sweden any more 


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Hey there @iaoth


Thanks for getting in touch about this in the Community. 


We're afraid we don't have any info to share right now about this topic, but we'll pass your feedback along to the right team. 


If you need a hand with anything else, the Community is here for you.

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I’m in the US and while it kind of works since they took it over, the music doesn’t load properly when you skip. Impossible to play the game now. 

In nz it's pretty broken too

I’m in Australia and used to play this game every day. The enjoyment factor of how easy to play is gone as the functionality isn’t the same and the skip button send you straight back to the beginning. At tunes it won’t load the next section of the song (to the skipped part) which is enough frustration to abandon the game altogether. It also makes me not want to come back daily. In fact I haven’t played in over a week in the hope it’s been fixed. Sadly, it hasn’t.

Adding my disappointment that a free website that you guys bought no longer works, especially since Spotify is Swedish?

It's actually been working ok for me (after the initial first days with waaaaaaay to many bugs). but today after 10 days I suddenly get the same "Heardle isn't available in your location..." as many others do. Same device, same browser and have not deleted any cookies / local storage or anything.


Heardle is not working either in Belgium, Austria and Italy! Please bring it back asap, without bugs. I cannot believe Spotify bought Heardle and has been so clumsy and very unfriendly to users by making it unavailable in so many countries! 

It's not longer available even in Italy. This is very annoying and disappointing. It was a funny game and a very good tool to discover something new.

Please, do something to make it available again in every Country. 

Can you see your results history? It will play the song for me but that’s it. 

Reading all of your comments I get even more sad and frustrated. I too (along with my co-workers during our coffeebreaks) have been playing Heardle everyday for I don’t know how many months now. We miss it so much, and part of our frustration here is that Spotify is Swedish? And your not even making it available in your home country? It has like zero logic to that (appart from that it of course should be available for every country in the best of worlds) but you get the picture: making it available in only a few.. but not here.. though now that I read about how crappy it is maybe it’s a good thing not to have to experience that, so that one can remember it for how fun and perfect it really was. I can only mourn the short period of game-free-on-the-internet-no-exclusion-bliss that we at least had. But with this said it would be really nice to get some kind of more information about what’s going on etc on the old heardle-webbpage where one encounters that Heardle isn’t available at one’s location. Because clearly we are many sad peeps wondering! Thank you beforehand, over and out / Ingrid

When will we get a solution/work around?

I doesn't work for me in Germany either. I was able to play it without a problem before it was bought by Spotify. Now it tells me that it isn't available in my location, which is really frustrating.

Just so I have this right:

You buy Heardle

Make it unavailable in a load of countries where it previously worked fine

Found it wasnt as popular as expected

Shut the website down


10/10 Spotify well done.

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