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Heart/crossed circle system

Heart/crossed circle system



I think we would like to know how the heart/crossed circle work generaly and also in specific situations like radio/discover weekly.


I don't understand what happens if I push heart except it's added to my list of songs. Is there anything else connected with hidden algorithm that leads me to more precise discovering?


If I push the crossed circle what happen after? I'll not be able to see/find this song again? Or it's just a tuning of the playlist itself (in that moment)? And how this function works in Discover weekly? Will this act be considered next time?


Why am I asking? Because I am a listener with a huge dispersion in different genres. And I don't want to lost ability to find something new, I just want to adjust the way and don't close the door for ever...


Thanks for your explenation.-)

I love Spotify but I need to know, how some functions works.

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