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Help - I don't understand how your LG Smart TV decision has been reached

Help - I don't understand how your LG Smart TV decision has been reached



I purchased an LG TV in November 2012. I was hoping that a Spotify app would be made available for it. I was disappointed. I then read that Spotify would be made available for LG Smart TVs but only those models from 2013.


I need help in understanding why the app hasn't been rolled out for the 2012 models, I don't really understand why those people who purchase a 2013 model get preference over the older models (even if it is just a few months in my case).


Obviously I realise the models are updated but an app from one year to the next must be virtually the same and therefore be extremely simple to rollout for the 2012 (and before) models.


On my 2012 model I have a Deezer app and a Napster app that will allow me to stream my music through them. I just don't understand and need help understanding why Spotify have decided not to roll their app out onto the 2012 (and before) models.


Please don't ignore my comments and please explain the reasoning behind this ridiculous decision.



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I may be totally wrong but my understanding is that Spotify make the Libspotify api available to hardware partners and it is up to those partners how they wish to implement it. So I suspect you need to be asking these questions of LG rather than Spotify.

Could there be any official confirmation of this?


Thank you very much for your response.

Joe is correct, Spotify do advertise those other services and things, however the applications are normally made and maintained by the partner company. Samsung have similar issues, its possibly due to some firmware compatibility, but those details are never in the public domain!



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Then surely if this is the case Spotify need to get in touch and sort it out with LG. Napster and Deezer are both available, Napster was made available at the last Software Update. I don't really understand why either company would not want the app on the TVs. I am certainly looking to change, tried Napster, didn't like the interface. Just about to try Deezer and if all goes well I will change over. I know one persons tenner doesn't make that much difference and I'm not saying it as some kind of defiant consumer, I just want to be able to listen to my music through my television.





I'm sure that if there was enough customer demand, LG would make spotify available. I suggest you could start the ball rolling by contacting LG.

But the fact that Spotify is on the LG 2013 TVs must mean there is enough demand. I would also think that you can't just put Spotify on if it's popular. Would seem a good way to create new users I would have thought. I will try and ask LG but don't hold out much hope of getting a definitive answer there either.



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