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Help audio not working but song still playing????

Help audio not working but song still playing????


was wondering if anyone could help me. when I play spotify through my android 9 out of 10 time audio wont paly but when i check the song is still playing. this has happend to me in the past but i fixed it with the crossfade option. now its acting up again even with the crossfade on. the only temporary solution thats barely working at the moment is skipping the song and going back to the song so i can actually listen to it. ive tryed uninstalling and reinstalling but that hasnt seem to work. and i have tryed using only wifi or my 4g but still no suscces.


is there any possible soultion to fix this? if not im probably going to switch streaming providers because of the repeating inconvenience. but to be honest I really dont want too... so if theres any soultions that worked for anyone please help! 



additional information

phone id- kyocera-c6530n

android version- 4.3

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Hi @vla4life,


just turn on the crossfader function 🙂

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Still doesnt work..... even with the crossfade on it will stop the song 12 to 4 seconds out when trying to play the new song.

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