Help with streamimg Spotify to Marantz 7004 from Hpc

Help with streamimg Spotify to Marantz 7004 from Hpc

Hi, just upgraded to Premium, so got Sp on my htc, great! but need to know how to stream to my Marantz 7004.

Many thanks


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There is not a dedicated Spotify application for the Marantz at present. However, you should be able to connect your HTC to the Marantz via USB, and stream that way, using the application on your phone. You also connect your computer via USB, and play music this way too.
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hi there i hope you get this i have just connected a marantz na7004 to pc via ethernet and usb cable but cant get free spotify to play through the7004 or marantz amp   have you managed it and if so how? thanks rob

Could you select your Marantz to be the outboard sound device in your "Sound" settings on your Control Panel?
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hi thanks running windows 7  cant seem to select na7004 as outboard sound system  its connected by usb   i can play music via itunes from the pc using airplay


 guess that i have to connect the marantz amp to the rear of the pc  thanks

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