Heos connection breaks up

Heos connection breaks up







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Android 12, Windows 11


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After the latest update to Heos the connection between Spotify and Heos have been shaky. It works fine with TuneIn, Tidal etc, but playing from Spotify will make speakers change in volume, music stopping altogether for a while, and generally irrational behaving. I have done a clean install of Spotify and the Heos app on my phone. The same problem occurs also on other phones. I have a variety of Heos speakers from different generations and also one Denon Home speaker. 

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That describes my experiences too, I even upgraded my router (fibre internet) but still random and embarrassing cut outs - hunting for a solution. 


The problem appeared with their last update and is related to the Spotify Connect feature. Today, a new version was release but after updating, the problem still remains. Would be nice to get Spotify´s response to this...


I have now tested this on two separate locations, with two different ISPs, different setup and have found this: After playing from Tidal for 10-15 minutes and then switching to Spotify it actually works. It makes absolutely no sense, and will probably stop working again, but anyway, that's my experience. Black magic is afoot, me thinks.


Same problem for me.. seem to remember that every HEOS update has caused Spotify issues.. 


yawn, if TIDAL app would work w HEOS i would just unsubsribe Spotify but now i am stuck and frustrated. 

spotify does not seem to care that much. 


Spotify helped me! Chat and the advice to delete and reinstall the app on all devices did the trick 🎶🎶


Hi, you mean reinstalling Spotify with the current version helps this problem?


Yes but actually only worked for an hour, back to square one. Issue remains, i use TIDAL instead while waiting for a fix.


For me it is so that in one of my locations it works pretty good. It may take some time for all the units to be recognized when switching to Spotify, but after a while (2-5 minutes) all units are online and then needs a little toggling on the individual volume sliders to make them aware that that they are wanted. All units behave as expected the whole evening. In the other location it is not stable. So puzzling. 

Great that it worked, for me it didn't do diddly-squat. 😋


My issues with Heos and Spotify gets worse and worse after each update. I was about to buy a mesh network to see if that could improve the connection breaks but after reading this I think I will continue using my shitty Bluetooth speaker instead. So sad.. 


Same issue here. 2 different phones and spotify breaks up. Pauses. Distorts. Volume changes. Only with spotify connect. Amazon music is fine. Tune in is fine. 


Same experiences here 😞


Problem now since two months and nothing happened. Neither Spotify nor Denon seems to be interested although many people have these problems 


I was too late is reading these messages.  I have just replaced a perfectly good Asus mesh gear with a Neargear mesh gear.


So much for loyalty Denon

1 x sound bar,

1 x HEOS 7,

2 x HEOS 5,

3 x HEOS 3,

1 x HEOS 1


I’m sorry to say that I’m actually a bit happy that everybody here is having these issues just to know I’m not alone in this. Exactly the same problem here. I’ve spent quite a fortune (according to my standards) on 14 Heos speakers ranging from 1 to 7, not even including amp, link and Heos-compatible AVR. I’ve been using Spotify Connect via mesh wi-fi and it has been working great for years until all this started a couple of month ago making my setup completely unusable. Really hope Denon comes with a speedy fix to this. My patience is really wearing out.


Same issues as everyone above even after installing a new mesh system and switching internet connections. 
please let us know if anyone finds a fix!!


Same issues.  Other software works fine.  Spotify really sucks with this.  Heos cuts out


Same issues with all my 7 denon heos devices. Any news on solutions from Spotify and/or Denon?

Emailed heos about it. They said they are aware of the problem. Hopefully
an update with a fix will be out soon.

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