Hide playlists from Google results


Hide playlists from Google results

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Hey guys,


I basically make all my playlists public to share them with my friends or to be able to find them while using a friend's device or whatsoever.

I noticed that those playlists appear public on google results when searching my account name and I'm pretty uncomfortable with that fact.


Is it possible to hide the playlists from Google search? Or is it possible to share playlists only with people I'm following or at least only with my followers?



dr. fed

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Hi there,


Unfortunately, there's no way to do this. All you can do is right-click on your playlist and make it Secret, you can find more information about Privacy Settings here.


Your private playlist will be only visible for users that follow it, you can still share it with your friends.


Hope this helps! 🙂

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I don't think this is right. I have playlists that were at one point public, but were then made private, and then eventually deleted. Months later, by searching my name into google and doing an image search, those playlists still show and are accessible (see image).


This is quite possibly a security issue. What if there were personal information in the playlist name? I understand that Spotify keeps playlists saved even after they're deleted, but surely when someone makes the decision to remove something connected to them on the internet Spotify should respect that and remove playlist titles and thumbnails attached the playlist, but leave the music as is, so anyone who follows the playlist doesn't lose what's actually important about the playlist, but the playlist creator is no longer attached to the playlist.


Not a massive deal. But, I think we should all be able to decide what data connected to us belongs on the internet, and what should be deleted.

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Hey there @drfed, @jacobgrumley


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 

Keep in mind that search results provided by Google aren't stored and managed by Spotify. With your Spotify account you can only set the privacy level of your personal data and playlists


We suggest in this case you contact the Google Privacy Team. You can reach them here.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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“Keep in mind that search results provided by Google aren't stored and managed by Spotify.”


Why not?

I don’t remember consenting to Spotify to let my personal data (my playlists, name, photos, and name) appear in public Google search results at any point. The only reason I keep them public is to be able to use your app, so that it gives me proper recommendations. This is a huge privacy issue . And yes I contacted Google too (btw that link you provided just tells us to contact the webmaster, that owns our content).  Not sure how you can shake it off like this.