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How about you guys make an easily accessible bug reporter in app?

How about you guys make an easily accessible bug reporter in app?

Even when submitting this, I got the error "oops something went wrong", which appears to be the case of text being too long.

Please make a "submit a bug report" action to the app as it's tedious to go around looking for where to report those. And not only your app, but the users are suffering from not having something like that easily accessible.

Now since I only found a bunch of dead links and archived board, I'll write the two issues here:

1. Full queue of your songs cannot be seen (Windows platform). The queue is being truncated, therefore user can't edit and manage his queue as it's hidden somewhere. This is super uncomfortable as you need to wipe your queue or delete it enough to see the hidden parts.

2. Queue list is not scrolling up when trying to drag a song up (Windows platform). A user cannot easily rearrange his songs as you have to drop the dragged song to the highest visible song, scroll with the wheel, and repeat the process. This was not the case (and shouldn't ever be a case) few months back, though in older releases it was rather difficult (but possible) to drag, due to having to really struggle to find the Y coordinates that are required to scroll over in order to make the list move up.



When trying to add attachments for these issues, it's saying "You must be signed in to add attachments". I am signed in though.


So, if by only trying to submit bugs, I encountered even more bugs, don't you think you should double down on your quality assurance?


When trying to preview the post, it only spams a coupe of "An error has been encountered errors" on screen, and also the preview is never loaded. Guys, you can do better than this


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videos from local storage cannot be added as attachments

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