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How do I change the thumbs up thumbs down on a song (Radio)

How do I change the thumbs up thumbs down on a song (Radio)

I like how the Spotify Radio works except for one thing: When I accidently give a song a Thumbs Down (Example: The Reason, by Hoobastank), Spotify skips the song, but won't let me change the song to a thumbs up. I really do like that song. Do I just have to wait and hope that it shows up again so that I can give it a thumbs up, or..?

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Unfortunately, there is no option allowing to remove your thumbs down 😞


Here is a feed for the idea suggested already almost 2 years ago:


If you want to support it add your kudos and comment on it.

Would also like to be able to change a thumbs up when accidently pressed.

Looks like they took down that thread 😞

What kind of ******* doesn't allow you to change an accidental button press when getting to rate your music choices?
In this day in age, all anyone ever wants is to be able to give a thumbs up or thumbs down on content, and provide actual feedback.

I am a developer and know how simple it would be to make it so you can click the thumbs down After already clicking thumbs up, and vice versa.

It sounds like even after years of complaints about this issue, Spotify doesn't truly care about their subscribers feedback, they just want money like every other corporation out there.

Thanks for thinking this issue isn't worth a simple fix.

One request from someone and you should have thought, "Hey, that's an issue! We need to correct that so votes can be corrected!"

End rant.

It would take more than a simple code to allow that as it would stand to be more of a quality of life update.  Not only are you asking for a way to undo likes and dislikes but that also factors in how those affect the radio so code needs to be implemented to function accordingly to a users random spurs of adjusting radio to a liked song and then removing song and similar songs when the user changes his like to dislike.


Another feature would be the addition of a list of downvoted songs so that you COULD go back and find the songs uou accidentally downvoted because the radio immediately skips the song you downvoted and never shows it again.  


In summary, its a little more complicated than you initially think as a developer yourself.  You must view the whole picture and not just the problem.


Also, i agree that this should have been seen as a possible problem for a long time but one can only learn to think before you haohazardly upvote or downvote a song.

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