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How do I remove "force injected" ads in Podcasts (Premium)

How do I remove "force injected" ads in Podcasts (Premium)

I have Spotify premium and keep getting "force injected" ads when listening to podcasts. I'm NOT talking about embedded ads into the audio itself. I don't know what to call it other than "force injected".  


For example, these ads cut in at any time, often mid-sentence while the host is talking and is very disruptive(I don't think any host would do this on purpose). These ads also add extra run time to the episodes, in one episode, Spotify labels the length as 16:40, but when you hit play, these "force injected" ads lengthen the total runtime to 17:39. It's the same type of ad setup I've heard on Apple podcast. Any show that had these types of ads on Apple, I get the same for Spotify. 


To reiterate, this is NOT an embedded ad, the ads will change dynamically on multiple listens to the same episode. 


How do I disable Spotify from allowing these "force injected" ads through my premium account? 


Thank you so much for your help!


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This is happening to both my desktop and mobile apps running the most up to date OS for both my Mac Pro 2013 (macOS 10.15.4) and iPhone 7 (IOS 13.4.1).

Plan: All devices are logged into my Spotify Premium account.  All apps are up to date.

Country: USA.



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Hey there @im_england,


Spotify doesn't currently run Ads in that interrupt the music listening experience of Premium subscribers, some podcast creators may include third-party advertising however you say this isn't the case as they are not included by the creator.


Could you let me know the specific podcasts and episodes in questions as an example, if this is happening across multiple ones could you still let me know some of the podcasts you are listening too so I can try and replicate this! Could you also try a clean install which the steps are outlined here, please follow the steps closely as they are critical in trying to outrule some areas.


I'll be standing by,



I'm having the same issue, I was listening to "creepy", had just gone through a few episodes with no problems. Then I got a clearly added advertisement for Vodafone which I thought was weird, so I relaunched the app and it had changed to Bunnings Warehouse, which I also can't stress enough wasn't one the podcast had added. I even went back to try and play older episodes and found them added.  I'm signed in to my correct premium account.


It's only affecting this podcast so far, however it seems non-specific to the podcast but rather the account. I had read someone having this issue with "We're Alive" with ads for the victorian government, yet I was able to load it with no issues. I think it's account specific, not podcast related. Frankly I only use spotify for podcasts so i'll probably cancel if this is just a thing there now. What's the point of paying $12 a month to still hear ads, I may as well go back to torrenting.

Hey @Fl3tch31,

Could you provide me with a Link to the playlist please, you can do this by clicking the three dots > Share > link and paste it here.


Again i'm not sure if it'll happen to you. I listened to two episodes successfully, then suddenly started getting ads, and now I can't open any without getting what feel like generic free account ads.

Hey @Fl3tch31,

Thanks for that, I'm going to see if I can produce this my end and I'll let you know if I have any updates as soon as I can. 


Could you try the Clean Reinstall as listed above and let me know how it goes!


Thanks again,

To be clear also this is happening on both my installed android app, and uninstalled windows web player, but only for the one podcast.

Hey @Fl3tch31


Just a quick update for you I have listened to two of the podcasts through and I have found an advert for example on the 'The Cell Phone Game' ep the advert starts at 38:14 & The same again on the 'Psychologist' ep from 40:11 an advert starts for Now TV.


This isn't a Spotify advert this has been implemented by the Podcaster as part of their audio therefore Spotify has no control over this and right now Spotify they are not prohibited as outlined in my initial post to @im_england which you can find above.


Hope that helps,


For the episode psychologist, i'm getting an ad for Origin Energy? I'm getting it both to commence the episode and at the conclusion. I also swear to god it wasn't there like a week ago, I just listened to it.

Hey @Fl3tch31,


Thanks for your continued support on this, I'm aware in some cases some Podcasters choose to use third party services to present Sponsorship Messages within the audio as one person who was having a similar issue to you found out when they reached out to the Podcaster directly you can learn more here. 

As mentioned above, Spotify currently allows podcasters to include third-party advertising, host-read endorsements or sponsorship messages in their episodes.


Edit: This podcaster uses ACast from reading the description of a few of the episodes which seems to be a similar service to Spreaker which provides these ads to users to listeners on behalf of the Podcast Creator which causes ads depending on factors.

Hey all, here is the 2020 voting link to remove ads from podcasts for premium users! Please help us vote it up to 100 so the idea stays active!


[All Platforms] No Ads in Podcasts for Spotify Pre... - The Spotify Community

Hey @Fl3tch31,


Just jumping in here to add some extra info to what @EthanS1 mentioned.


It looks like you're encountering the new dynamic ads feature. This is why the time they appear and the promoted content are subject to change. You can find out more in this newsroom article.


Hope this shines a bit of light on the matter. We'll be here if you have any other questions.

Mihail Moderator
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Why are you so obviously trying to skirt around the issue and claim ignorance? You know what the complaint is about. Stop dancing around it. It's insulting. 

This post is about Spotify slipping in their own ads during podcasts. Your link is about automatically skipping ads that podcasters themselves put in. Both good points.

Hello Ethan, 


I am having exactly the same issue. The first time listening to the podcast it was okay and then on one episode had one add at the beginning, that was for a couple of episodes and then the adds were appearing not just at the beginning but also in the middle of the episode and at the end. 

I have already deleted the app and reinstalled but it didn’t work, could you please have look at this?  It is hard to believe that the content creators added these adds because they are from USA and the adds I am hearing are about the Australian government or business.

The name of the podcast I am listening is 13 the podcast. 


Reviving an old post, I know, however it's mid 2022 and I'm getting these same forced dynamic ads on a single podcast I listen to. The ones in the beginning and end are fine (though still annoying on my paid account) but the ones in the middle cut out actual *content*. They are also excessively loud compared to the podcast with *No* volume transition.

The ‘Disappearances’ podcast has a minute long ad by Huel in every episode, the same ad every time and really annoying. I’m most likely going to stop listening as it’s getting too much.



I have the same issue - Huel has forced ads in the middle of several podcasts I listen to. These aren’t read by the presenters, a Huel graphic pops up and interrupts the show. I absolutely hate these. 

if we are paying for premium, why are we being subjected to these ads ?

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