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How do I stop radio from always repeating the same songs in the same order ???

How do I stop radio from always repeating the same songs in the same order ???

New spotify user here.  Why is radio repeating songs so often by default, and is there a way to make it not repeat the same dozen or so songs over and over and over?


Even if this can be fixed by a change in settings, I'm shocked the default behavior is so bad.


I can't believe I have to go into a help forum to get the answer for this.   I can't believe I had to set up an account on a separate website to get support.  This is so 2010.  They're not even trying.


Also, this bulletin board software is awful.  It's giving me validation messages on fields I've already filled in.  The validation messages aren't even accurate. Spotify does not seem to give a flying f about their customers.

PPS -- Oh my god, this software is so bad.  I've spent several minutes trying to get this to post.  I am astonished that a company with the resources of Spotify can't or won't do better on something as easy as help forum software.

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Hey @tolerant_user,


Thanks for getting in touch with us and welcome to the Community. We're sorry to hear you feel this way. We'd love to help you out.


Can you open the app and then click on Settings? Then you can check if the option Autoplay is turned off. If ti is, you can go ahead and turn it on. That way you can allow other songs to play after the last song in the playlist.


Then you can also like and dislike songs in the Radio playlists. By doing that the playlists can adjust more to your music taste.


Tip: You can give these steps a go so you can change the order of the songs.


Hope this helps. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.




Ver Moderator
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That's a workaround, and doesn't really address the issue.  Do you use Spotify yourself?  Why not just make it so it doesn't repeat the same exact songs in the same order every time we start radio?  This is not hard.  Randomization is not a difficult software problem.  Don't call it "Radio" if it's really just a playlist.  "Radio" obviously creates the expectation that it's more than a set playlist.  The company can't be this stupid so they must just not give a sht.


ps -- How can this forum software be so awful.  It's really not possible to post to two different issues within five minutes without getting a flood warning?  I'm mystified.  Are there any decent software engineers at Spotify?  Is management making their jobs impossible? I'm really mystified by the apparent incompetence and blatant lack of empathy for the user displayed in many areas of Spotify's UI and adjacent software/services.

I repeat, do you use Spotify yourself?  I'd love to know if the Spotify staff responding to these posts actually use the service.  Apparently the executives that run Spotify do NOT use the service, and/or the software engineers who create the interfaces do NOT use the service.  There is no other explanation for some of the awful functionality that has persisted despite numerous complaints from customers.

Hey there @tolerant_user,


Thanks for getting back to us. We understand where you're coming from and will make sure all your feedback reaches the right teams.


After a certain time that may differ between different user-generated radios, it's content does get refreshed. This process can however be sped up by using the like and dislike buttons, so that the algorithm picks up on what you like quicker, as @Ver mentioned.


If you'd and @human156 would like a feature introduced, where the radios get manually refreshed via a single button, we suggest that you post an idea about it. The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see what our users are interested in and how many people like a certain idea. You can read more about it here.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

Mihail Moderator
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Hi, the radio options and the recommended playlists from Spotify are not working correctly and someone should look into this. They repeat the same songs multiple times within a few hours. I have playlists that are 5 hours worth of music, and somehow, the same song repeats within 2 or less hours. It isn’t even playing the whole playlist before replaying a song. That’s an issue with the Spotify system. Not the users not using the “like and dislike” buttons enough. Just get the product to work or I’ll subscribe to another “premium” service.

I feel that it's been getting worse lately. I can go into an artist's "radio" or "This is [artist]" but as soon as I run out of songs it will start playing my own music from my own playlists that I've already heard hundreds of times and I'm frankly sick of. I haven't ever been happy with Spotify's "radio" playlists. Not sure if you know but these playlists were supposed to replace the actual Radio that was phased out a couple years ago, which is sad cause it was my single favorite feature on Spotify and it was a major selling point for the service.




Vote here if you'd like to get actual functioning radio back instead of these garbage playlists:

Sorry, but I'm not marking 'The Rain Song' from Led Zeppelin or 'She Talks to Angels' from Black Crowes as 'dislike'. I have loved these songs for nearly two decades, but PLEASE make them stop playing EVERY TIME a song stops! If I play anything Hard Rock-related, these are the first ones (although others sometimes too) that get played immediately after the playlist-or-album-or-whatever ends. I like the AutoPlay feature, but it's getting impossible now, since I can't really know anything new from the app. There really should be customization to this, and it was better before.

@mihail This doesn't work. We post it to the Idea Exchange and you close it because "bring back the old radio feature" isn't a feature request?? I'm confused why you have users giving you solid feedback and Spotify is actively farming it out. I know Product Management is a hard job, but to be this removed from the desires of your user base is alarming.

I'm a Product Manager that conducts user testing for my platform and I would never transition a feature (radio) to be almost exactly like another feature (playlists). This approach ain't it chief. 

I totally agree with the other users. The problem is not that we don't like the songs from the radio, but we don't want them to play in a loop all the time. My experience has been that after a playlist ends, the radio kicks in and then a dozen great songs are played. The problem is that these songs are played every time the radio starts. There is no more new song to discover. This was different in the past. 

I would really appreciate if this would change in future.



Just gotta +1 this - I had no idea Spotify had deliberately decided to just play the same songs over and over.  I just felt like "Man, radio used to be good and now it's bad.  What happened?"  That being said, I absolutely feel like every so often a new song sneaks into the radio list, so they are trying to adapt something, but, man... if there's 12 songs on an album by an artist you think I'll like I DON'T WANT TO JUST HEAR THE SAME ONE EVERY TIME I LOG IN SWEET JEBUS.

The "radio" feature is a joke. A really bad one. I'm still using the free 3 testing months and cancelled it after 6 weeks, because finding new music is not really working with spotify.

Playlist "radio" only generates a static playlist with the same songs in the same order. And shuffeling is not possible because it is greyed out. So "radio" is the wrong term to use for this. I'm forced to hear the same songs over and over again, discovering new stuff is nearly impossible, I have to search for myself for new music I could like, but I read so much about "spotify is awesome for finding new music". Well, no it is absolutly not.

Doesn't work. It repeats a set of songs forever. both on android and windows.

thanks for making this web app this web app is really helpful. this solves the radio problem they haven't been able to fix until now

Hi can you please  add a feature to create a Spotify playlist with recommendations but based on a single track/song, because my most recently played had a different genre and i don't want a playlist where the songs are mixed because of different genres

Hi @Frezga1!


It's possible to start a song radio in the app which pretty much generates a playlist, based on the selected track's genre - simply right-click any track (or tap on it and hold if you're on mobile) > Go to song radio.


You can also create radios based on artists, albums or playlists.


Hope this clears things up. Cheers!

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hey mazeofith, your app has introduced me to so many interesting tracks! thank you!!

I am having the same problem!!! the main problem is the radio generates the same songs over and over even if I pick a different artist the radio should refresh everytime that's what a radio is! Its not a feature that needs to be added there is a bug that is creating this problem in randomisation of radios repeating the same songs in multiple radios to be clear I do not mean that a single song is repeated on one radio what I mean is when entering the radio of any artist there are a group of songs repeated across different radios consistently and this happens in every radio not just one!

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