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How does newly released Album get streams?

How does newly released Album get streams?

Hi, I just released my classical piano album "Live, Dream, Love" and was pleasantly surprised to see that it got 42000 streams in the first two days. But afterward it dropped A LOT. I did notice that in the first 2 days, the streams over the 14 tracks on my album gradually decreased from first track to last track, presumably because Spotify plays sequentially from 1st to last and some stopped listening half way. But if that's the case, I'm really encouraged by the fact that even my last track got more than 60% of streams of my 1st. That means more than 60% of all audience listened to every track on the album, not bad for the retention rate of a solo album by a junior classical pianist.


So my questions are:

1. How come my album got so many streams in the first 2 days and then dropped so much? Is it because there's some new release playlist?

2. Is my understanding of how Spotify plays each new release album sequentially (rather than randomly), which means that my conclusion that very likely more than 60% of people listened to all 14 tracks on my album during the first 2 days was right?

3. I noticed that recent few days the streams were much lower and there seems a lower percentage of people listening to the end of album, is it because after my album's off some new release playlist, people who found my album more or less just randomly stumble upon it, thus more prone to leave quickly, while during the first two new-release-promoted days my visitors more likely visited because they were interested in classical piano, thus kept listening?


These are not very important questions but as an artist it's good to know how things work, and see if that can help me promote my music or help my next album. Thanks to anyone that can provide some insight!


Charlie Liu (BTW yes I know my album's info was wrong and album artist was listed as Franz Liszt and tracks' artist was listed as Johann Sebastian Bach - indeed they came back alive and played the piano, and I was just the label managing them, lol. I'm contacting Spotify to fix that now)

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