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How to get Spotify on my home entertainment system

How to get Spotify on my home entertainment system



I have a:

Samsung Smart TV Series 7 Model Number: UA46C7000WFXXY

Samsung Home Theatre Blue ray system Model Number: HT-C6950W


I cannot find the spotify app on either of the devices when I search the very limited app range. I would sign up for a premium account straight away if I could get it working on one of these devices. If someone could help, or tell me where I can get the app for either device if would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks a heap


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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Supported Samsung TV models are outlined in this topic (and are only supported in Europe). 

Make sure your firmware is up to date if you have a supported model but the app is not showing. 



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Hrm, it says that spotify is available on home entertainment systems, is there any other way to get it to play on it?



Did you' ever get an answer to your question?  I have a Grace Digital System and can't find any info for connecting Spotify to the system... 😞





Grace doesn't ring a bell as being one of the spotify hardware partners. There's a list here.

Sorry you are correct... I have a grae digital internt radio that has other apps ie rhapody, andora, and i heart.  want o know whow to get the spotify app on radio.   Thanks... 🙂

Contact the hardware manufacturers and ask them if they have any plans for including spotify or spotify connect as it is down to them.

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