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How to play Spotify files using new NAD C446 Digital Media Player with

How to play Spotify files using new NAD C446 Digital Media Player with

Just received new NAD C446 and setup its internal operation to my home network.  I am new subscriber to both Spotify and   How should I set up to be able to play Spotify music through and thru NAD C446?  Lots to learn to use Spotify effectively, but need some simple instructions to get this going,  I already have this combination running fine on (3) desktop PCs, but only limited front panel digital display on the C446.


Hope someone here is using these two apps together and streaming thru a C446 or something similar.




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As far as I can see, the C446 doesn't support Spotify or Spotify Connect directly, so streaming directly to the device seems out of the picture. Maybe it is possible via another device connected to it though?

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Thanks for taking note and commenting.  This player is a quality one, but I must use (in conjunction with Spotify) in order to stream the desired music.  I see the desired categories on the C446 display, but they do not play when selected and display the Fail_ Interface Error message when selected. I'm still learning how to better manipulate files using on my PCs, but seem to be able to play the Spotify files using the app/plugins.  Hopefully this is also possible thru the NAD Digital Media Player.



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