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How to receive written permission to use Spotify in a quiz app?

How to receive written permission to use Spotify in a quiz app?

Hi there,


We're developing a Quiz App for iOS, Android, W8 and MacOSX, and we need written permission to use the 30 sec previews from the Web API. I've been trying to contact the right person for a while now, via Twitter / Email. Unfortunately no one has provided me with a solid answer to my question.


According to the Developer Terms of Use:


Section IV: part 3.e


Games and Trivia Quizzes. Unless you receive Spotify’s written approval, you shall not use the Spotify Platform to incorporate Spotify Content into any game functionality (including trivia quizzes).


So how does one actually receive written approval? Who do we need to contact?


Thanks in advance!

2 Replies

Have you received any replies from Spotify about this in response to your communications so far?

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Well they never responded to my emails. So that's a shame.

They did however respond once on Twitter, saying I would be fine following the general TOS.

Since the general TOS explicitly states you need written permission, I responded by stating the fact that you need explicit permission. And asking where I could get it.

They never got back to me after that.

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