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How to save just 1 song to offline playlist?

How to save just 1 song to offline playlist?

I have a premium account and use to be able to save just one song at a time in my list of songs to play when offline. Since this week, i can’t. I have to download the whole album or the whole playlist in order to have just the one song i want.


what seems to be the problem here?


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Hey @Pierre71_! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


I'm not sure why you can't do this anymore.

Can't you just put the song you want to hear offline in a playlist and then download the playlist?



Howdy there Pierre71_. An easy solution to your complication would be to make a separate playlist with just the one song you want to download in it. Hope you understand and are able to do as you wished 😀

I found the solution!

i need to swipe left on the song and it goes straight in the saved song folder.


I'm glad you sorted it out. ^^



What if the song is already in a playlist? Are you suggesting the song then should be added again to another playlist? Not a good solution IMO.

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