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  • I have both my email and push notifications turned on, but I don’t get any push notifications on any of my devices. I’ve done all the updates for months so far, but I still don’t get any push notifications from Spotify to any of my devices. Even when I get a new follower, it’s only when I check my profile that I notice that the number of followers has increased...and sometimes, I’m not even sure who the new follower is, because the follower-list isn’t arranged.

If the push notifications don’t work at all, please, just remove the option from the app settings so we don’t keep getting confused and misled.







(iPhone 😎

Operating System

(iOS 14.4)

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Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community with your question, 


Spotify sends out occasional push notifications and emails, however they don't do so frequently. You can read a support article on disabling and enabling said notifications here. Also, if you do want to receive said notifications, make sure to go into your IOS settings and do the following:

Click Notifications.

Scroll down to the Spotify app.

Turn on Allow Notifications.

And Check all the alerts  under the alerts section.


Let me know if you have any other questions,


Thanks for the response.


 I’ve turned on all my notifications settings for my Spotify app on my iPhone and Samsung devices before now, and I’ve never actually gotten any push notification. I’ve been getting the email notifications, tho, but I want to get the push notifications directly from the app, too. The settings have always been turned on on my devices.

You should be receiving them, Spotify only sends them out on occasion, they do not get sent frequently in my experience. If you are sure you are not receiving any notifications, try reinstalling the application on your phone. 




Yeah I've had push notification options turned on and I rarely ever get any.


In my experience using the app, they have the options there, but never really put them to use. 


Hopefully one day they'll give more focus to the notification system and the settings for them.

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Hello, unfortunately I haven't received any new emails or push notifications about artists for days. I've already checked the notifications but everything is activated there. I also get a blue dot at the bell but that's it. is there anything you can do?


A day has passed and there isn't even any information from Spotify yet. In my opinion a very bad community. When I look at my question, I noticed that several people have already asked. Do you want the best music experience for Spotify? then they work on notifications of playlists that have changed

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