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I can not be online via 3G

I can not be online via 3G

I am using Nokia Lumia 920 W8 phone. When I connect via Wi-Fi there is no problem. But when I use 3G connection spotify says me "you are working offline" and I can not search any music and can not do anything online? Do I have to connect always via Wi-Fi ?

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Hello, @pardus! You will need to enable the "Sync over 3G" option in the Spotify application on your Windows Phone. The option can be found in the settings menu. You can get there via the main screen of the app.

Unfortunately nothing changed.  "Sync over 3G" option is on now. I have restarted my phone but I have still have same problem. When I disable wi-fi I can not search music, I can not do anything online. At the top program says me "Spotify is offline" But I am online I can surf on web even spotify web site 🙂

Have you tried reinstalling the app on your device?

Yes I reinstalled 2 times 🙂 But still same. 

Just another silly question to make sure we haven't overlooked something: Do you have the 3G option enabled on your device at all? For Windows Phone this option can be modified in the settings.

Spotify makes it a mystery of how to go online from offline mode?  What kind of app is this on my windows phone?

It should automatically connect when you have an internet connection and you haven't forced the application into offline mode from the settings menu. 


Windows Phone Spotify support is pretty shocking though.

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I have the exact same problem on my iPhone 5, latest iOS 9 update. Currently using my data to write this post, yet Spotify still does not work. Had the same problem for months and it's really frustrating when I'm paying for premium...

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