I can't login with my Marantz M-CR610

I can't login with my Marantz M-CR610


I tryed everything! i can't login in my Marantz with my Spotify premium account!
Anyone have the same problem?
I have reset to factory configuration but nothing, with airplay and apple device everything works! And internet radio is ok! 

( i tryed also another account, nothing to be done!)

Help me!

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Hey @Bieddos!


Are you still having problems logging into your Marantz device?


You'll need to get a device password here as well as have a Premium subscription. It's also worth checking that you have the latest firmware installed on your receiver.


Let us know how it goes!


I am also having this problem. When I try to log into Spotify on my Marantz (using the Marantz app oniPhone) I get a message saying I need a Spotify Premium account - which I already do have,.


The anwer to this query refers to a device password- isn't this just for listening offline - which I don't need to do? If I have misunderstood, how do I get this code?

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