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I can't play the song "I Really Want to Stay at Your House"

I can't play the song "I Really Want to Stay at Your House"

Whenever i try to play the song it tells me it can't be played until it will be available on the app for Mobile. Thing is that all of my friends can play it, even on a free account it works. It just doesn't on my account, doesn't work neither on PC nor on Smartphone. I don't understand why.
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It could be the country your account is set to.

Music publishers and licensing can defer depending on the country (a song available in the US may not be available in Bolivia for example). What country is your account set to, and what country are your friend's accounts set to?

My account is Italian and so are the accounts of my friends, or at least that's what i believe. How do i know to what country my account is set?

You can confirm your account's country setting here.

What is the artist of the song in question?

My account's country is Italy as I thought. The song is "I Really Want to Stay at Your House" by Rosa Walton and Hallie Coggins. The song is from the album "Cyberpunk 2077: Radio, Vol. 2 (Original Soundtrack)". 

This is the link of the song:

Well, it works for me in the US. Does it work on the web player? Do you have another account you could try?

It just doesn't work on my account for some reason. Tried to log in on my friend's phone and it doesn't work, got a new phone yesterday and it doesn't work. On my PC doesn't work. But when I made a friend log in on my PC the song was played. It's just my account that feels cursed. Heck, even a discord bot plays this song but I can't. All of my friends have their account set to Italy.

Hm. I'd recommend contacting Spotify support then. Maybe they've got some behind-the-scenes thing they can do. Be sure to link this thread so they can more easily get caught up 🙂

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