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I can't share music in instagram stories


I can't share music in instagram stories






Huawuei P20 Lite

Operating System



My Question or Issue

When I try to share some song I don't see the Instagram Stories opcion, can you help me?

I already vinculated mi account with facebook. 

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I have the same issue Im using Zenfone 3 i did everything reinstall redownload etc but nothing changed.

Same problem here.

Both apps are up to date; uninstalled and re-installed.


Android version: 8.0.0

Phone Model: SM-G955FD (Galaxy S8+)

Baseband version: G955FXXU4CRI1


Spotify version: armV7 (Premium)

Instagram version: 100 (Beta tester)


By clicking on "Share > More" option, Spotify opens the phone's native share window and only the "Direct" option is avaliable for Instagram.




Screenshot_20181014-232443_Android System.jpg

I have an iPhone X. I didn’t have this problem until today! I manage 3 accounts on Instagram, but I usually just shared my music on one. Now, everytime I try to share it it takes me to the log in page, I log in and it doesn’t post a’s like I didn’t hit share..,,please help


I’m having the exact problem. It was working fine yesterday. Any fix on your end?

Nope! I hate it:(

Same here. I had been able to as recently as last night. IOS

I’m having the same problem too 

Having the same exact issue! Any fixes yet? I’ve done all updates. Deleted and re-installed. Logged out. Logged in. Same results.




United Kingdom



iPhone 6

Operating System

iOS 12.0.1


My Question or Issue

 I’m trying to share a song via Instagram stories but every time I’m automatically redirected to the login screen instead of the Instagram story page 

Recently my Spotify account will not let me share songs to my instagram story. Each time it redirects me to the Instagram log in page, and once I enter the correct login information it just opens my Instagram profile with no option to share anything. It does this every time I try to share share a song and I’ve redownloaded both Instagram and Spotify apps, please help I’ve never had this problem before! 


Hey folks,


Thanks for raising this issue with us. 


First, please could you confirm if you're trying to share music to your Instagram stories but are redirected to sign in to Instagram instead? This thread concerns this specific issue.


If so, could you make sure that you have reinstalled both Spotify and Instagram, and that when you are trying to share to your Instagram Stories you are logged into both your Spotify and Instagram accounts?


If that doesn't work for you, please could you leave the following information:

  • Device and OS
  • Spotify version
  • Instagram version?



I have exactly the same problem on iPhone XS! Everything is up do date, I’m not sure why Instagram asks me to sign in when I try to share from Spotify. Once I do sign in, it just brings me to the main Instagram page and the song isn’t shared.

Same issue, cannot share from Spotify to Instagram Story, tried reinstalling but didn't work. Attempted from iPhone 5s on IOS 12.

I’ve tried everything you have recommended and still no joy. I’m using an iPhone 7 running IOS 12.0.1

I tried everything still i cant use share on instagram stories. I only see share with instagram direct.


  • Device and OS : ASUS Zenfone3 (ZE552KL) , Android 8.0.0
  • Spotify version : armV7
  • Instagram version:

Same happening for me.

On an iPhone XS. Running iOS 12.1.

Uninstalled and reinstalled both apps twice with latest versions available.

This is what’s happening to me. I click share > instagram stories. Where it would normally send it to the story, it redirects to instagram’s login screen. And I am logged in to both apps.


I’m on an iPhone XS Max running:

iOS 12.0.1

Spotify 8.4.75

Instagram 67.0


Someone suggested Instagram changed up their API, but I’m not sure about this. I’m hardly a software developer. I reported this to Instagram as well.

Exactly the same!

iPhone XS - iOS 12.0.1

Spotify - Version 8.4.75

Instagram - Version 67.0

Same here! iPhone 6 iOS 12.0.1

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