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I can't share music in instagram stories


I can't share music in instagram stories






Huawuei P20 Lite

Operating System



My Question or Issue

When I try to share some song I don't see the Instagram Stories opcion, can you help me?

I already vinculated mi account with facebook. 

235 Replies

  • I have a Moto x4 
  • all my apps are updated there is nothing wrong here 

Wow nice try 🙂 Thanks for the guidanc

e. I tried everything but it did not work btw ima use Joox instead ❤️


Yeah, on my Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android 9.0 it doesn't work, too and also on Android 8.0 it didn't work and I really need this option.

Same problem and both accounts are connected to facebook. It's not a solution 😕

I delete and reinstall Spotify and Instagram but nothing change. I can only share music as a direct message on instagram  

I can’t upload the Spotify music in my instagram stories . My friend says it’s the music option but mine doesn’t have a music option.


i have a iphone7 and both apps are up to date




Samsung Note 9 (SM-N960F)

Spotify Version

Instagram Version

Spotify Premium 

I had the ability for a moment, then lost it shortly after it was implemented. uninstalled/reinstalled/relinked, same issue. switched from an S6 to an S9, still had the same issue. However, I signed into my account from another friend's Galaxy S7 and I was able to share from there, but still not able to on any of my own devices.


Android Version: 9.0.0

Phone Model: Galaxy S9

Spotify Version

Instagram Version

Spotify Premium



Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F)

Android version 8.0.0

Spotify version

Instagram version

Spotify Premium


Device: Motorola Moto G5s

Android version: 8.1.0

Spotify version:

Instagram version:

Nokia 6 (TA-1021)

Spotify Version

Instagram Version

Spotify Premium

I've tried uninstalling and installing both the applications but the problem seems not resolved.


I'm using Redmi Note 5 pro.

Spotify version is

Instagram app version is

It doesn't work for me either ☹️

I have a Motorola X4 

Spotify :

Instagram :

nothing else I've tried works so far 🙃

Hello. I tried re installing spotify and instagram but still cant share a song. Im using Samsung J6. My spotify version Instagram


Screenshot_20190322-103623_Android System.jpg

Hello. I tried re installing spotify and instagram but still cant share a song. Im using Samsung J6. My spotify version Instagram Thank you

Screenshot_20190322-103623_Android System.jpg



I already did this. And still can't share itu to IGScreenshot_20190403-000952_Spotify.jpg


Yup, no help. I already had that turned off. Tried it on too. No
It's been like a year.. how is this still an issue 😤🤬

Guys, stop posting on this topic, because none of the developers are reading the posts! It's impossible that after so many messages with versions, screenshots and so many others explaining in detail the problem they have not yet released any fixes or a solution. So none of them cares about it. They probably have more important things to care about.

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