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I can't share music in instagram stories


I can't share music in instagram stories






Huawuei P20 Lite

Operating System



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When I try to share some song I don't see the Instagram Stories opcion, can you help me?

I already vinculated mi account with facebook. 

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Spotify Legend

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this on the Community.


We are currently working with Instagram to make this option available for everyone soon!


Right now we cannot provide an exact timeframe on when it's going to be out to everybody.


In the meantime, we recommend you keep both your apps updated.


Thanks for your patience!

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Hey Peter, 


My family has several iPhones, and I can confirm that only the ones which have the latest version of instagram (released two days ago) are having this issue. I have verified on three seperate iPhones that the instagram share works on spotify before updating instagram, and fails with the "log in" requirement after instagram is updated. 


I'm sure you've already made it this far, but just in case. 



66.0 (can share)

67.0 (sharing fails)


Phone: iPhone 6s, 8 Plus, 8, and 7

OS: 12.01 on each of them

Hi I am having the same problem. When attempting to share from Spotify it takes me to log in page on instagram. Have already uninstalled and re installed both apps twice. I am on an iPhone X iOS 12 Spotify 8475664 Instagram 67.

Ive had this exact same issue for 3 days now. Did the exact same things with the same result. Do you know if there’s a fix yet?

I tried again last night but still not fixed

I’ve actually emailed Instagram customer support as it looks like it may be
an issue with their newest update. I’ll let you know if I hear anything

I have latest version of Spotify and Instagram have an iPhone 7 and have deleted both apps and reinstalled! love to share music on Instagram but everytime I click to share on Instagram it brings me to login page for insta and I login nothing happen doesn’t bring me to camera to share ?! Help

I tried everything still i cant use share on instagram stories. I only see share with instagram direct.


  • Device and OS : iPhone 7, ios 12.0.0
  • Spotify version :
  • Instagram version:

I have had this problem for a month now. I have tried everything; restarting my device, reinstalling both Spotify and Instagram, updating the apps, updating the iOS version. It still doesn’t work. I have the option of sharing to Instagram stories, but when I press the share button the “log in” box on Instagram pops up. When I log in, it only redirects me to my Instagram profile. I have tried emptying the cache on both apps. I have tried logging in and out of both apps. The share function is still broken. It is something wrong on either the Instagram app or the Spotify app. It’s safe to say it isn’t the device’s fault.


Please, fix it. It is driving me crazy.


Device model: iPhone 6S, iOS 12.0.1

Spotify App Version:

Instagam App Version: 67.0

I am having a similar problem. The option to share a song to my Instagram story is there. However, when I click that, it takes me to Instagram as if it's working properly but then shows me the Instagram login screen even though I am already logged in. So I log in and it remains on the Instagram home screen instead of taking me to the story with the chosen song. Is there anything I can do to fix it? I have already tried restarting my iPhone and re-downloading both Spotify and Instagram.

Same here

Same for me. I phone Xs max version 12.0.1 


lastest updates for both Instagram and Spotify 

I used to be able to share music from Spotify onto IG stories. (Been doing it for the last few months). I recently had to add an IG account for work, and now it doesn't let me add music to my stories anymore. The option is still there on Spotify, but when I hit the button, it takes me to the IG login page. I try logging in and it works but it doesn't open the track on IG stories. And when I tried again the same thing happened.


I tried logging out of my work IG and logging in and out of my personal IG account. I tried logging in and out of Spotify, deleted both Spotify and IG apps, restarted my phone. Nothing. Please help me 🙂


Hi, I seem to be having a similar problem as well. I have the option but when i click on it, it proceeds to the login page on my instagram (I am already logged into my account.) I have tried reinstalling both apps but it doesn’t seem to help. Is there any way you could help with this? 


Phone model: iPhone 8 

Instagram app version: 67.0 

Spotify app version: 8.4.75

I have an iPhone 8+

Instagram app version: 67.0

Spotify app version: 8.4.75


when i click share to instagram stories, it takes me to the instagram home page but not directly onto the story

Same problem here 😞

iPhone 6

OS 11.0.1

Instagram version 67.0

spotify version 8.4.75


when I try to share on my Instagram story it takes me to the login page and I log in, it just takes me to my profile and does nothing. It has been like that for a while now. Please help!!!

Hi, Jack.

My name is Fresh from Thailand.


I have some problems due to this subject. I tried to share songs to my instagram stories it will ask me to log in, Once I'm done log in. It won't open the stories for me. When I'm try doing it again I face the same problem. Please help.


Sorry for bad grammar.

If you want more info please contact me

Same problem. For a week now when I try to share a song on Instagram stories the app opens the login page. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling both apps, and even after turning the phone off.

Device: iPhone 6S

iOS: 12.0.1



same problem here

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