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I don’t condone violence. How to remove blm protest from my screen?

I don’t condone violence. How to remove blm protest from my screen?

I don’t condone or financially support companies that promote violence.  I’d like blm sponsored content removed from my iOS and windows apps.  I’ve already cancelled my subscription but it occurred to me that this could have been a mistake.  Was it?  

2 Replies

Unfortunately, Spotify's attitude is, tough: You are toeing the line and you are fodder for their political pet projects, whether you want to or not. Nobody pays attention to these forums. If you would like to take action, I recommend checking out this thread instead:


Customize Start Screen 


Steps I've taken so far and recommend:

  1. Vote for the Customize Start Screen idea
  2. Remember to also comment on the Customize Start Screen idea, making it abundantly clear that you want the option to remove undesirable content such as political and other material you deem offensive or inappropriate from your start screen. The UI on that thread is different, you need to scroll way down to find the comment section.
  3. Cancel your Premium subscription, citing the BLM In Solidarity claptrap as the reason
  4. Push the message below on social media to create awareness that this is a dismal failure on Spotify's part:

Hi @Spotify, as far as I know, I PAY for my premium subscription each month to listen to the music of my choosing. Please don't shove your political agenda down my throat. #myspotifymychoice #backoffwithpolitics

But you can condone what has been happening to blacks since the founding of our country? How privileged you must be to create a post in protest of people fighting for their rights over the fact that it's in your line of vision? Just don't f**king click on it. You are part of the problem. 



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