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I need help xbox one your offline problem

I need help xbox one your offline problem

I got a xbox one s for Christmas and I have good internet I synced the account to my xbox but today I go on to listen to music and it says your offline I've done everything from restarting xbox restarting router but it keeps showing up how can i fix it  

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  • Mine is doing the same thing. I have a Facebook login, but I don't know if that is the issue or what. I can listen on my android phone and it is NOT set to offline. I can't get the app to start on Xbox one at all. I get a "you're offline. Spotify is not available when you're offline" error. I am definitely not offline. I have internet and everything else works fine. I deleted the app on the phone, reconnected. I deleted the app several times on the Xbox and did reboot. I even deleted my freaking Xbox account and tried uninstalling spotify on the Xbox. It just won't work. I am a paying member. Not happy at all right now. Help! 

same issue ... 


You’re Offline

Spotify is not available when you’re offline. Please go online and try againOffline error messageOffline error message


It's been 3 days and still no fix for this. I looked through all of the suggestions I found here and tried ...sheesh...I don't know how many. Not sure what is causing the problem unless something updated on Spotify that didn't on Xbox? I have everything set to update so I have no clue but would really like some help. I have been listening to Spotify on the Xbox with no problem for months until now. 😕

Having same issue here on my Xbox as well. Still works on my pc and tablet though so I'm looking for firmware updates


I know more than 10 people having the same issue now. Mine plays on phone
and laptop but not on Xbox. It has been days. Hoping they fix it soon.

I'm having the same issue. Only been happening the last couple days, and it seems to be happening on two of my buddies' xboxs too. Must be a problem on spotify's side because it isn't working on xbox but its working on my phone just fine. 

Same problem here 😞

Hey Everyone!

First, try uninstalling then reinstalling the app and restarting your Xbox. Also, if you have a spare ethernet cable and you are able to plug it in to the Xbox temp/perm, try doing that. Also, try to hard restart your Xbox. Steps are listed here:

Based on the replies, this seems like a recurring problem, maybe a software issue. I will recreate this on my Xbox and get back to you.


Edit: The Spotify For Xbox One app works perfectly fine for me and even shows up in the Spotify Connect menu on my computer. Microsoft services are also fine (See: Try the steps listed above or try contacting Spotify Support: or Microsoft Support:

I have done everything in the book, hard restart, enthernet cabel,resatsrted my internet 5 times and also uninstalled Spotify and not a single thing works. Please, I f anyone has a solution to this please let me know.

I have the same issue. Spotify works on everything execpt both my xbox's. Im not sure why. But I would really love to use spotify again! I hope this can be fixed soon!


This seems like an app problem, you can contact Spotify at:

Same here buddy I just wanna listen to some music but these **bleep**s are sitting on piles and piles of money not caring about their customers. Assholes

Wish it helped. Did all of this...days ago. Mine is always hardwired.

Same issue, and I have Spotify family. Doesn't work on either profile. 

I have the same issue. I’ve done everything I could and nothing. Hope this gets fixed soon.


I created a post in the idea section for them to fix it, try to boost the post so staff can see it by pressing the +Vote button.




EDIT: My Apologies, that link was the wrong one, please +1 this post, not the one above:

Also, if you can get it to sign out, try that on your Xbox.

I actually did more than sign out. I deleted my account on my
Xbox--twice--and downloaded it again. Even that didn't help.

im having the same problem. after 2 days ive contacted spotify support through twitter and havent gotten a fix yet. if i get one though i will update.

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