I've tried it all, but Echo still can't play Spotify Playlists


I've tried it all, but Echo still can't play Spotify Playlists

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iPhone 7

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iOS 12.11 

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I purchased an Amazon Echo and Dot a few weeks ago. Everything is working great, with the exception of Spotify. Yes, I have a premium account. Yes, I can get it to play individual tracks. Yes, it can play Spotify made playlists. But, for the life of me, I can't get it to play my custom made playlists. 


It's no exageration when I say I've tried everything -- I've even spent upwards of three hours over numerous days on the phone with Amazon's support staff (who have been so patient and helpful), but even they can't figure it out. I've google searched solutions, tried probably about 50 different things and still -- no luck.


This is my last straw. I honestly don't know what could be left to try. I've disconnected, reconnected, renamed, restarted, reset, and downloaded. It's bizarre to read about so many people who have had the same problem, but have all found different solutions. Now, we just have to find that one that works for me yet.


Spotify. HELP!


I'm desperate to fix this problem!

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