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*I wish I would have never installed Spotify's latest version.

*I wish I would have never installed Spotify's latest version.

Since my prompted install via Spotify, all the following problems have occurred, and yet to be fixed. Going on 2 weeks now! I contacted their Spotify email, and their customer service peeps were, well, lets say, useless.   The facebook team did help, and work diligently, but unfortunately, all the same issues remain, even after an uninstall, reinstall, a brand new Spotify, etc, etc.. In the end, this is a clear Spotify issue.  Here are the list of issues on Spotif'y's end which-  for some reason they are unable to fix nor want too??  Not sure which, at this point.   All I know now is they are ignoring my further requests.  Disappointed in their product.  facebook would never allow these many glitches to occur, and go on this long, and they too are "free". Food for thought. 

1) Radio feature on "all" stations- are repeating the same songs in sequence, over and over again..... Same 20 + songs by the same artists.
2) Start Playlist Radio does not work properly. It too- playing the same songs in sequence, but it is now sticking w/the theme your choose, which is terrific, just repeating.
3) Three of my playlists will not collaborate, add, etc, even on public mode.
4) Library Feature missing?
5) Date Added, -feature missing?
6) Disconnecting and freezing.
*I wish I would have never installed your latest version. 

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