Idea!- timer to play music

Idea!- timer to play music


I have no idea if this is a thing or how to use this whole Spotify community thing so idk how to check BUT I have an idea! I think if no-one has thought of this already yall are really missing out! Spotify should implement some sort of timer so that you can listen to music when you are going to sleep. For example, I would set the timer that's hypothetically in Spotify for 30 mins. and shuffle a playlist, then Spotify could turn off the music after 30 mins because by then I will be asleep or at least that's the idea. This would just be a way that one could fall asleep to some tunes and not have to worry about wasting battery or waking back up to turn off the music and having to look at the bright screen to do so waking one back up. 




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Hey @beccakoch03

You can actually achieve this already! It's a function of the current iOS, believe it or not. You can set a timer in the clock app and under "when timer ends", if you scroll to the bottom, there's an option to "Stop Playing" Which will achieve just that without even waking you up!

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