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Inconsistent alerts/notificatons from artists I follow

Inconsistent alerts/notificatons from artists I follow

I don't know why it is, but the alerts/notifications for when an artist I follow releases a new track, album, etc., I do not always receive a notificaton that new material is now available on Spotify. For example, I just went to an artist's page that I follow, and saw that his latest single became available on Spotify on July 1st (3 weeks ago). I thought to myself, "What the heck, I've been waiting for this song to come out on Spotify, why was I not notified that this was now available on Spotify?" I then quickly made sure I was following the artist (I was, and have been following that artist for over a year), and I didn't receive an email, a desktop notification, nor an iOS notification. What gives?


Note, this is not to say that I don't get ANY notifications - I do get some notificatons, I've just noticed it is really inconsistent. I love Spotify and you'd think that this should be able to work consistently, because the more notifications I get from artists I follow on Spotify, the more time I spend listening to Spotify! I've verified my alert settings for email, desktop, phone, and they haven't been changed. Why do I sometimes just randomly not get notifications? Anyone else notice this happening to them as well? This is really frustrating as I miss out on hearing the latest song or album from an artist I like.

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I am a Spotify Premium user going on 2 years now. I use Spotify via desktop PC, and iPhone 5 running the latest version of iOS.


Tried to add this to my original post but for some reason when trying to save the edit, kept receiving the "please correct the highlighted errors" message, even though there were no errors.

Hi. From the other comments I've seen recently, the artist notifications are inconsistent. This has been escalated to Spotify so, hopefully, will be fixed sometime.

Thanks Joe. Where can I find more information on this?

Just having a look, it appears there are multiple reports dotted around the community, but no official word from Spotify anywhere.

I can echo what Joe mentioned above, this has been raised as an issue from the Rock Star team here on the community who are troubleshooting with the support team behind the scenes.

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This **bleep** is really pissing me off. If Spotify wants people using their service more and more, they need to fix this ASAP. I miss out on many new tracks, EPs, etc. because I'm not getting notifications for artists I follow. And no word from Spotify on this? You'd think they would want to fix this soon, it would be much better financailly for them. More listening, more ads, more people sharing new music and all ultimately growing their customer base. How can I be active on Spotify and share new music if notifications aren't working? So annoying.

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