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Individual tracks changed - no longer the "explicit" version

Individual tracks changed - no longer the "explicit" version

A few tracks that I have had on playlists for a while now have changed from being explicit to be edited, even though they are still marked as explicit. In fact, it seems as though the edited versions are the only ones available now for at least one song.  Two examples:


Big Pun (feat. Joe) - Still Not a Player

 - Marked as explicit, but is clean: spotify:track:5kWShBA43yNFBzHk7g1Mtd

 - Marked as explicit, but is clean: spotify:track:7ezBPp8Y9iGh4CRWpCtmer



Notorious BIG - Hypnotize

 - Marked as explicit, but is clean: spotify:track:2ujbOwvdiH020TO5EucGiX

 - Accurately marked as explicit: spotify:track:6Tsu3OsuMz4KEGKbOYd6A0


The issue is that they were changed behind the scenes, so I had the accurate explicit versions in my playlist and one day when I played them they were clearly edited.  


Not sure exactly how to report something like this, so hopefully this is the right place. 

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Me too. Its still this way, October 2017.

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