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Invoke Speaker w/o premium

Invoke Speaker w/o premium




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 Why do I require premium to play Spotify on the Invoke speaker. However I don't if I play from my laptop, phone in my car, or even using bluetooth on the speaker itself? I don't plan on having free forever, but this is kind of an inconvenice. The invoke is just a really nice speaker and I hate that I can't play my spotify curated radio stations or mixes from it.

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Hey @Vaderhoff, help's here.


Depending on the model, some speakers require Spotify Premium for connection. We suggest you check out this link to find out more about this. 


You may have to take this with the manufacturer as well. 


Let us know if there's anything else.


See I can't accept that as an answer. The link doesn't specify my exact issue. I can play Spotify by asking cortana on my PC or laptop, play on my Roku tv, Nvidia Shield, etc. Heck I can even control all of those with my Spotify android app. I can also play spotify on my friend's Google Home just fine.
I'm curious, is there a direct reason why you need premium to use it on an Invoke speaker? Is this a Spotify decision, a Harmon/Kardon deicision, or a Microsoft decision?
I could very well connect my phone via bluetooth and play spotify that way, but that is a hassle and removes the ease that a speaker like this would set out to fix.
Also before I hear "buy another speaker", the reason I like this one is the audio quality, it's pretty fantastic.
Thank you again for taking interest in my issue.

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