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Is Spotify dying? Lack of development supporting devices would seem possible staff cutbacks?

Is Spotify dying? Lack of development supporting devices would seem possible staff cutbacks?

Why is Spotify no longer devepoing for Major Brand hardware? In the last 6mths support for My LG LED 4K TV has been removed, support for my Pioneer SMA4 Wifi speakers has been removed, what is happening Spotify?


Is Crapple Music winning the race? Or Google Play?


Why if I was now forced to buy a SONOS Wifi speaker through ytour lack of hardware support can I only get access for it by subscribing to your Premium service?


What guarantees do I have if I purchaced a new piece of hardware you won't simply drop the support for them?


Are you going broke? Or are you asking too much coin to devlop/License your app for Hardware vendors these days?


Not a happy customer at I see the only devices you are supporting (for the time bieng) are the ones willing or big enough to pay your extorsion fees, and they get tagged during my rant on the right side of this post...

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I am too very dissatisfied with the lack of platform support from Spotify and not sure what is the reason for this. I think it's time for us to look for alternatives with better customer care and forward thinking.

I have had to make over 10 accounts for Spotify in the last 6 months every single one of them has had issues even now my with my current account I am having payment issues and my family plan invite is not being redeemed. The customer service reps are nice and everything, but generally are not very knowledgeable. I have taught myself a lot of ways to do things that they said cannot be done. Like copying playlists between accounts from the desktop applications. What are the alternatives though? Apple Music is fine, but I want to get an android phone soon, and don't want to be tied down to the Apple Ecosystem.

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