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Is it a song or some other piece?

Is it a song or some other piece?

I rarely listen to songs; I usually listen to a variety of other instrumental pieces (symphonies, string quartets, operas, sonatas, suites, consorts, etc.) Since one can listen to other pieces in addition to songs on Spotify, would it be possible to use the generic term "piece" rather than the specific genre "song"? (yes, "song" is a genre.)  It is distracting to make a "song" list when that list contains no "songs." [Think of it this way.  A chihuahua is a dog, a St. Bernard is a dog, and a terrier is a dog.  So shall we refer to all dogs as "terriers" whether or not they are that breed (I am a music teacher with two degrees in music.) Thank you for considering this suggestion.

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