Is playlist history a thing?

Is playlist history a thing?


I've been listening to some of the playlists that were created by spotify and found some great songs, specifically in their alternative R&B playlist. The problem is, instead of adding the songs I really enjoyed into a seperate playlist, I've been just playing their playlist on repeat. Since they switch out their songs every now and then, I can't find the songs that they had on their playlist months ago. Is there any way to view all of the songs that have been retired from their playlist?


tldr; is there a way for me to view all of the songs that have come and go from Spotify's playlists? 


The song I am looking for had the word "call" or "calling" in it's title and it's from Spotify's alternative R&B playlist. It was on there maybe 2 or 3 months ago? 

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Hi @Pantaleon and welcome to the Community! 🙂
As of right now, no, this isn't available in Spotify. But I checked the live ideas board and it looks like it's a request that's been floated around for awhile. The most recent one is posted here where you can add a vote. If an idea gets enough votes in a year, Spotify will consider adding it as a feature in the future.
Have a great day! 😄


The best thing you can do is saving any songs you like in your own playlists. This is how I save music from my weekly discovery, for example.

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