Is there a good description of how Spotify works with Sonos?

Is there a good description of how Spotify works with Sonos?




Is there a good description for how Spotify works with Sonos? I can't find any, and I don't understand how it is supposed to work.


When I first signed up for Sonos Premium (many years ago) it was clearly stated that a Spotify Premium account could play the normal single stream on any device and multiple stream to one Sonos systems in parallel (one stream for each room). That worked fine.


This information is removed since some time (possibly years), and so is part of the functionality. I can now play one stream on any normal Spotify device or multiple stream on my Sonos system, but not both.


A Premium Family plan could in theory solve this, then I could have a dedicated account for the Sonos system. But, is that allowed? As I understand the rules for Premium Family each individual account has to belong to a unique physical person living at the same address, it is not allowed for me to have two accounts (one for my phone and one for the Sonos system).


So I am back to the question, how is it supposed to work? A good description would be very appreciated!


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I live in Sweden and have only read the Swedish translations of the Premilum Family rules, but I assume they say the same thing in other languages.






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Hey there @BilboTheHobbit,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community!


We'd suggest heading to this support site article on how to set up your sonos speakers with Spotify.


Let us know how it goes 🙂

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Thanks for the reply, but now I feel confused. The support article only concerns Sonos together with one Spotify account, something I have working since many years. My question is how it works with multiple Spotify users connected to the same Sonos system, something that is not mentioned at all in that support article.


Is it possible to do the same with multiple Spotify accounts at the same time to the same Sonos System, i.e. can I play with my Spotify account in the Kitchen and my wife something else from her Spotify account in the Livingroom? "Kitchen" and "Livingroom" are two rooms defined in the same Sonos system. That would solve 75% of my problems.


For the remaining 25%: As the support article correctly describes it is also possible to steer the Sonos system from the Sonos app, something that has one big advantage: it is possible to create playlist that contains both songs from Spotify and songs from my local music library. To do this the Sonos system is configured with a Spotify account. Currently we use my account, with the drawback that as soon as someone at home plays Spotify on Sonos my playback stops and vice versa. As I asked in my original question: is it allowed to register a separate Spotify account for my Sonos system? I could then fit all four family members and the Sonos system (five accounts) )within the same family plan.


BR BilboTheHobbit



Hey @BilboTheHobbit


We'd like to provide as much info as possible, but some questions are better handled by Sonos. However, we'd like to help you out as much as we can from here.


It should be possible to add multiple accounts. What we think is the best way to do is that on the phone you want to add a second Spotify account to, login the Spotify app with the Spotify account you want to add.

Then go into Sonos app, settings, my music services, add another account, choose Spotify, add to sonos, connect to Spotify. This should connect another Spotify account to Sonos. 


If you are using different devices, download the app there, log in on the same account and set up the account you want to use if necessary. 


Regarding playing on different devices with different Spotify accounts simultaneously, we suggest that you ask Sonos to answer that.


If you need more info about Premium for Family, check out this help article.


Let us know how it goes.


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