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Issue regarding activity on Facebook

Issue regarding activity on Facebook

Hello music lovers, I'm having a little issue.


So I would like the music I listen too automatically shared on my Facebook, as I've set it to do.


When I visit my profile and look on my activity log I see my Spotify activity there and they are listed as 'Friends can see this' but when looking back on my profile at my timeline, after scrolling down I cannot find anything regarding Spotify. I've asked a friend to look at my Facebook and they couldn't see anything either?


also, on the sections (left hand side of desktop profile) I have Spotify just above videos, but when looking at my profile it only has the default; pictures, friends, videos, groups and likes.. No sign of Spotify.


what is wrong I've tried everything.


I hope someone can help.


Thank you,


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Hey @masonClol


Unfortunately, Facebook changed something on their side and it's now not possible to share your listening activity to Facebook 

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