Issue when using multiple monitors on win 8.1

Issue when using multiple monitors on win 8.1


Hi all

I have started to have an issue with spotify running on windows 8.1, whereby once the app starts it works fine. but as soon as i move it to another monitor the whole window becomes unresponsive to moouse clicks. i have to close the app (it allows me to click on the x to close the window at least). 

it does not matter where the application starts, it will always run okay on the monitor it was initially started on. But switching the app to any of my other two montiors makes the app unusable.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Hey there!


Hmmm. Can you let us know which version of Spotify are you using?


Also, does this happen with any other OS?


Does reinstalling the app help at all?


Let us know 🙂


I am running on

i only have 8.1 windows to test it. I will reinstall the app tomorrow and let you know, thanks.


I have just reinstalled and have the same issue. As soon as i move it from the monitor where it originally started, it does not respond to any clicks except the top window buttons (minimise, maximise and exit)

Thanks for reporting!

We've passed this on to our team.

Let us know if there's anything else you'd like to add.


Update on this issue:
If the app is switched when in full screen mode, the issue occurs. if the app is NOT full screen, then it doesnt.

Additionally, when the fault is present after its switched between monitors, if i minimise it, it then works again. even after i maximise it too.


So the requirements to trigger the fault is only when switching the app when in full screen mode. Any resizing makes it responsive again.


this was fixed and appears to have come back again over the past couple of months.

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