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Issue with Spotify on Roku -- Stuck in Spotify Screensaver


Issue with Spotify on Roku -- Stuck in Spotify Screensaver

I just installed the new Spotify Channel on my Roku 2. Everything started out fine -- installed properly and initially played ok. Then the Spotify channel went into a screensaver mode (not the RoKu screensaver; this is particular to the Spotify channel). Now, i can't get out of the screensaver mode. I have tried pressing every button on the controller; I have exited the channel and reentered; i have rebooted the Roku box; i have uninstalled and reinstalled the Spotify channel. Everything has failed. When I go back into the channel, the screensaver mode starts, with no sound or ability to do anything.  Anyone else having this problem? Any fixes? 


Accepted Solutions
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Try enabling your Roku screensaver in the general Roku settings.

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Same problem here.  I have Spotify premium and a Roku 2.  I can't even login because I can't exit the screensaver.

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Try enabling your Roku screensaver in the general Roku settings.

IanMaffet. Thanks!! That did it. Much appreciated.

That did it for me also...but I don't want my screensaver activated.  Will this be fixed later on?  I'm not sure why an app should have an affect to control my Roku settings contrary to what I want it set to...Spotify shouldn't be forcing me to use a screensaver if I don't want it set...should it?

Thanks, that worked!

Same problem here.


There appears to be a bug with the Roku implementation of Spotify The channel will only work if the Roku screensaver is enabled.

Thank you guys for finding a temporary solution. I was getting so frustrated, thought I was the only one with this problem. I agree, though, I don't want my Roku screensaver enabled. Can someone please come up with a permanent fix for this?

I installed Spotify today on my Roku2, after starting a premium account trial. Not knowing that there was any conflict between custom screen savers and the Spotify channel, I was making some unrelated adjustments to the Roku settings when all hell broke loose. Signal to screen began to blink out for a second or so every minute or two. Then the drop outs became far more frequent, eventually killing all video and audio from Roku. I went through a long routine of resets and reboots with no improvement. Finally, after uninstalling Spotify, I changed HDMI cables and it seems fine now. Maybe the cable, which had worked fine for a year or more,  chose today to fail (how I don't know), but that would quite a coincidence, seems to me. Is it possible that the Spotify channel introduces a change to the firmware that creates a malfunction in the HDMI port, trashing a cable? I love Spotify, but I'm not about to try this again until I've heard of an update to the channel. And, before the trouble started, I did notice that there is no inherent way to "visually mute" Spotify. There should definitely be a means to activate a screen saver of choice at the Spotify screen, whether it is their saver or not. 

Setting up rocky and everything was fine til I upgraded to Spotify premium to add. Now my rocky is stuck in screensaver mode and I can't get out!!!! Tried rebooting and it didn't work. Now I can't use my Riki at all!!!!

Ii can't get my roku to come off of the Spotify screensaver!!!  Help

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