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Issue with parrot search tool (again)

Issue with parrot search tool (again)

Hi Spotify,


This issue has reapperad now since sometime during the Holidays, I'm not able to search anymore using the Spotify client in my car which uses Parrot. Everything else seem to work fine, playlists, top albums/songs, etc.


When I reported it last time I was impressed it was fixed within a couple of days (nice work!) and I'm hoping for that this time again. Have you changed anything in the API for the search function? If so please remember there are a lot of users out there still on old libspotify's that we can't upgrade, unless I buy a new car but that seems a bit unnesseary even though the new XC90 looks nice 😉


This is the version in the car:


Libspotify 12.1.134.gba1124f3 Release Android arm [parrot] Mobile


Anyway, I hope it can be fixed, it would be very much appritiated!


Happy new year,

Dejan, long time Spotify premium member... 


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I have had the exact same problem for the past month

Me Too! What can we do?

Any update here Spotify?

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