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Itunes and Spotify Duplication

Itunes and Spotify Duplication

Hi All,


I am so sorry if this has already been asked but I could not find the answer anywhere.


Basically I have limited space on my Mac and as I'm a Spotify premium user I mostly just use Spotify. So I would like to ask is there a automated way I can scan my my Itunes library and compare it with what's on Spotify.


That way I can delete the music that Spotify has and free up some space on my hard drive.


Thanks for any help you can give.

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Hi, and welcome to the community!


Try giving this a whirl:


Should match it all up for you!


Anthony 🙂

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Hi. I don't think there's an automated way to do this but you could try creating a playlist in itunes containing all your local files and importing it into Spotify. Then remove your itunes folder from the local files section of spotify's options and restart spotify.


Initially, the new playlist will probably contain mostly gereyed-out tracks as it will take a while to match everything to music in the spotify database but, once it is done, you can at least see which files you need to keep (they will remain greyed-out) and which you can archive or delete.

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