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Justin Now Latin King

Justin Now Latin King

Dear Spotify,


Please take down the wording of the ad that claims Justin Bieber to be a "Latin King".


I'm sure you have heard about and seen the video where he reveals that he failed to learn and failed to care to learn the words to "Despacito." 


I work with opera singers for my work and they are paid maybe 1% of what Justin Bieber makes (if they even "make it" after years of training and memorizing), and yet they are required to memorize three hours of foreign language per show. He should know the 30 seconds worth of Spanish he sang in the studio and be able to recreate it live. Since he does not care to do this and his marketting is still propping him up pathetically, it would be wise of you to care about all of your users who are FURIOUS that he refused to learn the music. 


This ad alone makes me consider unsubscribing from Spotify Premium.



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Yes! Thank you! It is so insulting. There are plenty of LATINO musicians who deserve to be crowned as the "Latin King." At the very minimum, it should be expected that he memorize his words and attempt to not insult a beautiful language and culture. That ad is so tone deaf and I've considered unsubscribing as well.

A hook on a new song? That's all it takes to be crowned? 

 This is an insult to not only the Latin community in general, but an insult to true latin royalty like El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Marc Anthony, Chayanne, Ricky Martin, Selena, Gloria Estefan... 

He does not need to appropriate himself of a cultural background not his own, in order to sell!

Oh and that ridiculous stereotypical hat... Don't get me started.

Not only is his behavior generally offensive, the fact that Spotify would cosign it by calling him a "Latin King" is personally offensive. He's not Latino, he doesn't know the words to the song, he showed blatant disregard for the language, and it's completely ridiculous for a Caucasian singer to be dubbed king of Latin ANYTHING [period]. I don't know if the ad is still up but if so, it needs to be removed immediately. And NEVER have the audacity to make such claims again. I've been using Spotify since before people even knew who you were in the states, over the years I had pesonally recommended you to just about everyone I know. Suddenly I see this and I find myself disgusted. I'd be willing to chaulk this up to sheer ignorance, but perhaps before you put ads together for the Latin genre, you should consult just about ANY Latino. Bad form Spotify.

This is disgusting all he's done is mock the Spanish language and use the Latino culture to make a profit. Please remove that as it is very insulting to hard working Latino artists and the creators of the song  that have had a career longer than Justin Bieber, why didn't make it someone who is actually Hispanic the cover. He is not a LATINO KING.

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