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Keeps Freezing

Keeps Freezing

I've never come across a problem like this elsewhere on my Mac but Spotify is constantly freezing for seconds every two minutes. This has been going on for the last several versions if I'm not wrong.

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You may have to many apps open as Spotify takes alot of memory

Yes, this is a problem for me as well.


I play a song and in about 30 seconds it stops. This is an issue on another thread and the developer said it was fixed. It’s not fixed. I reinstalled the application, rebooted all of my devices and it’s still an issue. It’s been going on for a month now. Completely unacceptable!

Hey @TyJGer! Welcome to the community.


Can you let us know which operating system and Spotify version you're currently using? If you're having this issue, be sure to click +VOTE at the top of this thread. 


We'll look forward to your response.

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