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Keeps stopping to play songs on Windows 10 Lumia 950 mobile phone

Keeps stopping to play songs on Windows 10 Lumia 950 mobile phone

I'm using the Windows 10 Phone application and the app will drop songs when they are currently playing, meaning they will stop abruptly and will do one of two things the next time I try to select song to play it again -  1) The application will be stuck in a loading screen and will not load my available library, or the artist I was currently playing. 2) The song will start completely over, even if it was halfway through. All the played songs are downloaded, and I'm a Premium Member.  I'm assuming, though likely wrongly, that the application is forgetting I have the rights to play the songs offline. Switching songs up, as an "on-the-fly" driving mix is impossible as the application will do this every few songs and then I have to completely close the app and then restart the app and select the play function of the song I was listening to.  This is very annoying and dangerous while driving and this is the main reason I using Spotify on my phone as a source for my music.  When the setup is working , it is great, but any longer trips than 10 minutes or so, the app just stops playing. TIA.

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Do you think Spotify cares? They already got your money and unfortunately for every Lumia 950 aka Windows 10 mobile user, Spotify can't be more bothered by you or anyone that uses this platform.

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