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King Gizzard Albums not on Here

King Gizzard Albums not on Here

I listened to each album they have on Spotify and when I looked at their discography, there were 2 albums (I'm in your Mind Fuzz, and Quarters) that I couldn't find on Spotify. I googled it and found it on, but when I use .CA or the app I can't find those two albums in the search bar. I tried playing a song on one album and it took my to my app, and to the album, but the songs are greyed out and unplayable. Are they banned or not available in Canada? I just want to know why it's like they don't exist in Canada.

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Hey @Derpbag707


The reason why the albums are greyed out is most likely tied to some sort of licensing changes or similar matter. Artists and their labels are in control of their content on Spotify, and when necessary, they may remove it or make their content unavailable for some period of time.


Hopefully these albums will be available soon! 🙂

If you want to know more exactly what's going on with these albums, you can try contacting the artist on social media, for example.


Let me know if you have more questions!

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