Kooks "Down" EP not showing in tag:new search


Kooks "Down" EP not showing in tag:new search


The Kooks have released a new EP very recently called "Down".


I do a regular search on tag:new, have done so regularly since I got my developer licence near the end of February, and it is now 27th April. Yet this EP never showed up on my tag:new search.


I use my app to find new singles and EPs so why did this one fail to show?


Tich's recent "Breathe In Breathe Out" was also a no-show and there's no use saying that it is because the song was once on Candlelight EP as that was a different version and it is new singles and EPs that are shown not necessarily new songs.


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Here it is:

Let me know if that works for you 🙂





I know where it is.


The point is, I have a program to find new releases and rely on tag:new.


If tag:new isn't there, it doesn't show. That means I am likely to miss new releases. That is a bug with spotify I want fixed.



More music that has failed to show up:


The Struts : Kiss This EP


Didn't come up in my search. According to iTunes it was out on 4th April and I have been searching tag:new every week since the end of February.


Are they suggesting new music gets added to spotify without the tag:new metadata and if so how the hell am I supposed to find it? I use this feature to find out what music is out, particularly by bands I like. Their song "Could Have Been Me" was one of my favourite songs of 2013 but I cannot be expected to "follow" every artist, I do a search on tag:new using my program which then matches them against iTunes and eventually against my own list to see which artists I am familiar with.


I have grepped my output and Struts fails to show.