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[LG Smart TV] App music not progressing


[LG Smart TV] App music not progressing


Recently I updated the Spotify app on my LG 55UJ750V to version 2.0.8.

Since then any song I play does not progress, it just stays at 0:00(also, no music is playing).

I tried controlling it with my computer and phone, the songs seems to progress on my phone/PC but on the TV the timer stays at 0:00. If I skip the song to 1:00 for example, it does the same on the TV, but remains at this position.

I already tried reinstalling the App.

I am using the free plan




EDIT: Version 2.0.8 is what the LG Content Store says, inside the App it says 2.11.0


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Hey, I kind of fixed it by resetting the tv to factory settings, maybe it will work out for you too.

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Same here... I am using current version of Spotify (2.11.0-0a673ed 3.11.0-9effaa8) on LG OLED C7V. No music, progress bar on tv is stuck, yet I see both in Android and Windows apps that the progress runs. Even at the end of the song, tv plays next song, obviously with no sound and progress still stuck at 0:00 on tv (and moving normally on Android and Windows). I am using the Premium plan.


I've tried logging out and in again and reinstalling the app but nothing helps.


Please fix it, Spotify, as right now we are unable to properly use the system we are paying for...


Screenshot from Android app in the attachment, proving that the progress bar moves while playing on the tv.


And photo of how it looks on tv. Again, NO SOUND AT ALL.

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Hey, I kind of fixed it by resetting the tv to factory settings, maybe it will work out for you too.

Hi, thanks for the tip but I'm not going to reset the TV to factory settings... I have everything set up just the way I like and it will be too much pain in the back to configure everything once again.

Hey , Do you still have a problem now?

No, even though it was a pain to set up everything again, it its solved by resetting the tv.

I got the same problem, but in my case, the music can play, but only a few seconds and then it buffering for a minute. I have fast internet connection. I also tried changing my router. Re-installing the app didn't work. And I didn't want to reset my TV. Any help?

Was there any resolution other than restoring your tv to factory settings? Spotify was working yesterday but now I'm getting the same errors as y'all.

Mine also started doing this yesterday. Go to settings>all settings>general>quick start + and turn it off. 


That way your tv will actually shut down when powered off and not go into standby mode. Worked for me. Restarted tv and then fired up spotify. All good now. 

I did the same to be honest and for the first 2-3 tv restarts with Quick Start disabled in the tv settings the problem still occured but then after another try the problem disappeared and never returned. I have no idea whether something has been fixed by Spotify or did this Quick Start option solved the problem, but yeah, Spotify seems to be working all right for the last couple of weeks.

Well that's good that it worked. All I wanted to do was restart my tv, but with quick start on it just goes into standby. Sooo, turning it off let's the tv actually shut down. I turned quick start back on after and spotify still works. 


Had the same problem once in plex. App was frozen and tv wouldn't restart until I disabled quick start. Then plex worked fine again. 👍👍👍

The weird thing is I reinstalled Spotify app on LG TV 3-4 times so that should do the trick (even more than turning the TV completely off with disabling the Quick Start option). But the good thing is Spotify finally works all right on LG TV. And just like you, I have re-enabled the Quick Start option in TV menus right after Spotify seemed to "repair" itself and the problem never came back.

Few weeks later and the problem came back. Disabling the Quick Start option in TV settings doesn't help - Spotify on LG TV still doesn't work (stuck at 0:00, even though on PC/Android the progress bar goes on, without music).

Same problem here. Songs won't play. Stays at 0:00.

Spotify version 2.0.9 (updatd 20/09/2018)


LG OLED tv. 

Software version 04.70.36



Ok Spotify. What do I need to do?






Ok. Fixed without resetting to factory because I absolutely refused to. 


In LG general setting turn off QuickStart+.

Turn off tv then back on.

Turn QuickStart+ back on if you want it. 


This is completely kills all apps running in background my guess. 


Spotify plays. 

Happened again... Doing a reset twice a month can't hardly count as a solution in my opinion.

Worked for me too! Thanks! 

Hi everyone,

Same problem here. Spotify app 2.0.9 (last update) I must factory reset to let Spotify play without interruptions.

Very annoyng.


Is there anyone from Spotify tech support who's reading this thread???


Thank You



See my solution above. Avoids factory reset. 



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