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[LG Smart TV] different playlists/home screen + too heavy app

[LG Smart TV] different playlists/home screen + too heavy app







LG smart tv



Thare r 2 things I love-hate about last update. The app is so heavy that I thought maybe my remote needed new batteries, but YT, Netflix work just fine. Spoti works slow but acceptable, however, sometimes I cannot go back or press play so I have to use my iPhone to press play on my tv, this is radicilous.


Anyway, my bigger issue is a playlists - home screen issue. I loved it when after an update there were extra new things - instead of „recently played” and spoti playlists I had „ur fav albums” or „albums popular now” and I loved it but I have to be lucky cuz 9/10 times I still see recently played etc. and 1/10 these great new home screen options:( What to do to see them all the time?



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Thank you for your answer. However, is it even connected to what I asked?

I have been using Spotify for few years and I use it on my TV (for 2 or more years? Cannot remember), on my phone and my computer, so I do not have a problem with that. And I believe I mentioned that (or it was just obvious from my post). My problem is that there are different options on my home screen, only on TV.

I cannot go to these options from my computer or a phone, they were specifically available only from TV, and ther are gone now. Sometimes I can still see them, so I would like to know what to do to see them all the time.

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