[LG Smart TV] low volume, crashes


[LG Smart TV] low volume, crashes


Hi Spotify team,


I use the spotify app on my LG 47LA6918 TV which is connected to an Onkyo AV-receiver via S/PDIF (opical). I have a few sporadic issues with the app:


1. Usually my AV-receiver's volume is set to 15-20 (min:0, max 100 I think). Sometimes when using spotify on my tv I have to set the volume setting on my av-receiver to 30 or 40 to be able to hear the music. The netflix app does not show this behavior nor the tv's menu sounds does.


2. Sometimes the app crashes the tv on startup and forces me to turn the tv off and on again. When that happens I am not even able to return to the smart menu.


3. The app is incredibly slow. Starting the app takes about 40 seconds. When the menu shows up I can hover the menu items with the cursor (using the magic remote) but after selecting one of the items the app takes often 10 seconds or more to respond. 

This could be caused by a slow internet connection but I don't think so because playing music (or watching a movie on netflix in Full HD) works without disruption.


... Hehe I just found another bug but this one does not keep me from using the app. Please take a look at the image I attached to this post.


Please let me know if I can provide you with further information to fix these bugs. I would also be interested in becoming a beta tester if that is possible.


LG TV: 47LA6918

LG firmware: 04.22.11

Spotify "service" version: 0002.0000 (I think this is the app version?)


Best regards

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Hi. Have you spoken to LG support about this?


Hi! Regarding the issue with the volume.

I had kind of the same issue with my spotify app on my LG TV with a Yamaha receiver.

Discovered that you have to in LG TV settings turn the TV Speakers back on, (guess you have them bypassed since you run thru a receiver)  then enter the Spotify application and higher the volume, in my case I put the volume to 50 (of 100) and then exit the spotify application, go back into LG TV settings and turn the TV speakers back off, (into the receiver bypass mode).


Seems like the spotify app or LG TV sets the output volume for the spotify application based on your last TV volume, which is logic unless you run the sound threw some kind of amp. Works fine with Netflix / Viaplay / Headweb and others, Don't know know who's to blame for the bug.



you sir, are a saint! Works like a charm!


Sooolved! You rock!


i am faced whit the same issue , and its correct that you can get the sound lvl back , by using the speaker sound then turning back to the amp.

But i will not call this solved , this is a workaround .

So if any have the solution to this i would like to hear about it ?


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Optic link.


This solved my issue but I had to go one step further. Once I set it back to external audio, I had to change it from "Auto" to "PCM". This may not be applicable if your receiver doesn't handle uncompressed audio, I think.

Ace! Thanks - That worked like a dream.