LG Smart TV stops after playing a random number of songs

LG Smart TV stops after playing a random number of songs

I have a LG Smart TV, more specifically 55UH850V with WebOS 3.0, just recently bought. Spotify starts fine and showns my playlists et.c. but stops after a random number of songs it stops and seems to freeze. Only possibility to get it working again is a reboot. Pls help!


PS! All other apps such as YouTube and various web-TV works fine, so does Spotify over Chromecast from my cell.

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I have the same problem on my 70uh700v. At first it crashed after one song, after multiple atempts i reinstalled the app, after that it played two songs then crashed. Very frustrating!!!

I have had the TV (UH770T) for a few months now, and its been a minor problem from the start occasionally happening. Recently its come to the point where Spotify crashes and freezes after nearly every song. Its annoying procedure having to exit, force quit the app, relaunch the app, reload playlist etc.


I suspect Spotify have silently dropped supporting WebOS devices, last update for the app was 17/12/2015 version 1.1.2 😞

Same problem here.
LH604V TV. Anyone find a fix?

Same problem on this site. I have a LG UH850V. When a few numbers have been played spotify freezes and the only way to make it working again is to reset the app. 



Also have this problem with my LG UH620V running webOS 03.20.05 😞

I hope Spotify fix this soon, very frustrating.

Same issue here with 55UH6030

I have this issue as well. It seems to be after roughly an hour or so, it will do it once a day maybe. Anything on this one Spotify? Thanks.

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